Kicky Yaniga Lertpimonchai aka FOOFOO is 1 of 3 daughters of her biiiiig family. She became the first child of her parents in 19th April 1991. A few year after that, she realised that her passion is dedicated to Music. Around 17 years later, Percussions chose her to be their slave.

Apart from being a gentle lady in girl school for 14 years, she had been an exchange student in Santa Catarina, Brazil for 1 year. So she could speak Portuguese and do some samba dance. After graduated from Journalism and Mass Communication from Thammasat University, she started her career as a creative copywriter in international Advertising Agency but still continuously separate her soul for Music’s sake. So let’s say she’s a half musician half creative.

She played percussion in many bands and for many artists and still want to jam with many more… 🙂 Also still continuing do her job in Advertising & PR area for living. (That’s the hardest part.)

People may know her as Percussionist of Koko’ and YAAN. She just started to do her own project in the name ‘FOOFOO’ since had been jamming with others for so long. Apart from playing she also organizing events and founded her own festival to support Thai local artists called ‘Long Khan Music Fest’

Along her way, she luckily got some awards from Music, Advertising, and Design categories as listed below;


Abroad Experiences

/ Thai representative for Seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam discussing about teen mom situation in Thailand.
/ Thai smile ambassador for Ora2 Sunstar Japan as an MC in Red Carpet at VMAJ2014, exclusively interview Japanese famous artists such as; Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, W-inds., and Funassyi.
/ 1 year AFS Interchange Program in Santa Catarina, Brazil.
/ 3 months working exchange project in Advertising Agency in Tokyo called TYO Group.


Advertising & Design & Short Film Area

/ 2nd Runner-up BEAT Logo contest 2010

/ Bangkok Art Director’s Student 2011
/ Finalist in Final B.A.D. Student 2011’s brief
/ 1st Runner-up in Disney Marketing Academy Award 2011
/ Winner in Teen Mom’s Friends Short Clip Award from Consortium Thai-Vietnam Cooperation

/ 1 of 5 Finalists in Kamikaze Young Creative Award
/ 1st Runner-up of Ministry of Energy co-operate with Kantana;
Advertising’s Storyboard Contest
/ 1 of 50 Selection for Ogilvy’s Copywriter workshop
/ 1st Runner-up in PLAN Non-Profit-Organization’s Stateless Children Short Movie Contest

/ 2nd Runner-up in Calcimax Director Camp Project with Leo Burnett Thailand

/ 1 Bronze from Websites & Microsites Category from Adman Awards 2015
/ 3 Bronzes from Digital & Social Media PR, Digital Marketing, and Social Media & Viral Marketing from Adman Awards 2015
/ Digital Engagement Award from The Q2 2015


Music Area

/ Winner in Cajon Star Competition from Echoslap Cajon

/ 2nd Runner-up Band in Bangkok Music Awards 2011
/ Winner of the Oishi Band Battle
/ 2nd Runner-up Imagine Awards Thailand
/ Winner of Thammasat University Music Contest 9
/ Top 5 Bands to play in Cornetto Concert featuring with Thai famous band, Armchair
/ etc.

/ Wonderfruit 2016
/ Cat Expo 2016 with Poomjit, Rik Wachirapilan, and The Ginkz
/ Cat Expo 2015
/ FAT Festival Chiangmai with Past Tales & 2Pcs.
/ FAT T-Shirt 8 with 2Pcs. & Plastic Plastic
/ Overcoat Music Festival
/ Jimlai Music Festival 2014

/ etc.

/ Back-Up percussionist at Songs for Memories Concert featuring Gun the Star 8, Keng The Voice, Kob-Songsit, Maleewan Jemina
/ Back-Up percussionist for Academy Fantasia Artists Group in Bang Awards 2013
/ Back-Up percussionist for AF Reunion Concert at Impact Arena
/ Playing for Change 2014-2015
/ Play for Nepal Concert
/ Back-up percussion for Japanese Artists in Live Cube
/ Poomjit Concert
/ etc.

TV Programs
/ The Voice Kids Thailand 4-5
/ Channel V Thailand
/ ‘Social can’ in At Ten, Variety TV Program
/ Play Channel by GMM
/ etc.

Original Works
/ Proad with FoolStop
/ “Gallery” EP Album with Koko’

Event Management
/ Social Media Manager for Sofar Sounds Bangkok
/ Long Khan Music Fest


Nowadays, she still creating her own work in many ways she love. She hope you enjoy any contents from this platform. And if you have any comment, please don’t feel guilty to let her know. 🙂

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